[Contest] 13th Portal Tibia’s Birthday!

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* knock knock knock *     * knock knock knock *

< Frenetic knocks on the old wooden door are followed by impatient shouting>

– Mr. Epaminondas! Mr. Epaminondas! I have an important message! Our Emperor would like to know about the village’s birthday and…

< The imperial messenger looks too desperate to notice a piece of paper hanging at the tavern door>
< With the constant knocks, the piece of paper falls over his feet… He grabs it, read and, with the piece of paper on his hands, goes back running to the palace…>


This year, the celebration of the 13th Portal Tibia’s Birthday starts earlier!

Do you want to help the old Epaminondas on his tasks and be rewarded? Keep following Portal Tibia during the anniversary events!

Altogheter, there will be four missions unclosed throughout the month. As always, the aspiring barkeepers will be able to participate of all missions, however, can only send one entry for each of them. And, the one rewarded in one mission, can’t compete to the especific prizes of the others.

But wait! This year our Emperor is in a good mood and will grant a special reward for those who participate in more then one mission.

Beside the tradicional individual reward for the 3 best of each task, there will be a very special extra reward! The 3 contestants that stand out on the general classification will receive the extra rewards, independent of their individual classification!

Do you wish to become a pupil of Epaminondas and try to win the general prizes? Convince him that you are worth! As many tasks you participate, more chances you will have to win!


# General Prizes

1th Place:Epaminondas_Doll.gifEpaminondas Doll +Golden_Warrior_Trophy.gif Golden Warrior Trophy + 30 days premium on  TibiaCast

2nd Place:Epaminondas_Doll.gif Epaminondas Doll +Silver_Warrior_Trophy.gif  Silver Warrior Trophy  + 30 days premium on  TibiaCast

3rd Place :Epaminondas_Doll.gif Epaminondas Doll +Bronze_Warrior_Trophy.gif Bronze Warrior Trophy + 30 days premium on  TibiaCast


#Specific Prizes

They will be disclosed as each mission is announced.

General Rules:

  • Altogheter there will be four tasks disclosed and performed independently of each other;
  • The submission for each task will be done on the respective thread, to me reveled throughout the month;
  • The final date to deliver all the missions will be the same, at the server save of october 31, 2015;
  • Each mission will have their own rules and orientations, that will be disclosed togheter with the task description;
  • Only properly registered users of our forum will be able to send submissions to participate of the missions;
  • The user can only compete with one submission for task;
  • The user can compete in all missions, however, can only receive one individual reward;
  • The users who participate in more then one mission will be competing to the special prize;
  • Even if the user win an individual prize, he will be able to compete for the special prize.

Keep following and participate! Soon the first mission will be anounced!


Task #1- Tavern’s Advertising (29/09/15)

Task #2 – Main Course (04/10/15)

Task #3 – An Illustrious Client (08/10/15)

Task #4 – The Ideal Place (14/10/15)

We are thankful for our partner TibiaCast‘s support!



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