#English Version – [RESULT] Tibia Wiki Contest 10 years!


I know you guys are super looking forward to tomorrow, but we’ve come to the news …
First of all I would like to thank everyone who participated in our 10 year anniversary contest on Tibia Wiki! We had many excellent entries. It was a very fierce contest, but we are ready to announce!
Let’s check the chosen ones?
Mission 01
1st place – Kipla Shee
2nd place – Zos Io Pan
3rd place – Brutos Devil

Prizes Mission 01

2nd place: Silver_Trophy_of_Excellence.gifSilver Trophy of Excellence + choose remaining item + Hero%27s_Medal.gif Hero’s Medal
3rd place: Bronze_Trophy_of_Excellence.gifBronze Trophy of Excellence + remaining item+ Mastermind_Potion.gif10 Mastermind Potions
Mission 02
1st place – Makadamia
2nd place – Myth Mine
3rd place – Ghasth

Prizes Mission 02

Mission 03
1st place – Gilgamach
2nd place – Voucx
3rd place – Pink Lemonade

Prizes Mission 03

2nd place:  Silver_Trophy_of_Excellence.gifSilver Trophy of Excellence + Royal_Medal.gifRoyal Medal + 30 Days of Premium Time
Mission 04
1st place – Major Hammer
3rd place – Wrlock

Prizes Mission 04

1st place:Golden_Trophy_of_Excellence.gifGolden Trophy of Excellence + Golden Rune Emblem (the choise) +Tibia_Coins.gif  250 Tibia Coins

2nd place: Silver_Trophy_of_Excellence.gifSilver Trophy of Excellence + Silver Rune Emblem (the choice) + Tibia_Coins.gif 150 Tibia Coins

3rd place:Bronze_Trophy_of_Excellence.gifBronze Trophy of Excellence +Disgusting_Trophy.gifDisgusting Trophy + Tibia_Coins.gif 50 Tibia Coins

Congratulations to the winners, please contact me, by PM, for the redemption of the prizes. All other participants will soon receive the title “Honoris Causa” here in the forum.
You can see all the participations of each mission here!
I hope you enjoyed and see you soon!   :bunny:

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