[ENGLISH VERSION] [Event] Easter with Epaminondas!

English version/Portuguese here
Easter Bunny, You bring me? One egg, two eggs, three eggs well. Naughty bunny, what color is he? Blue, yellow and red too! 
I think Epaminondas get excited about Easter, huh? And to celebrate this time, we want give to you 250 coins, dear player! Cool huh?
Of course we can’t let it so easy, but to participate is very simple: just send us a picture (print screen), put a mount and take a picture next to a Surprise Nest!
  • The images MUST be sent in this topic until 04/20/2017 at 23h59 CET with the subject “Easter with Epaminondas!”;
  • The images MUST be made only in-game and in accordance with the rules and technical conditions of Tibia;
  • You SHOULD say something in your picture with a maximum of 2 sentences containing the words: Easter and Portal Tibia;
  • NOT allowed: drawings, fakes, montages or images coming from Open Tibia Servers or similar;
  • Photos should be taken using the print screen feature and display the full screen of the client and operating system – OS;
  • You MUST put the name of your character and description of the photo’s location in the topic;
  • The photos must have consistency between outfit, mount and scenery;
  • The prints can not be taken in quest rooms with time, like: Bosses of Forgotten Knowledge, Ferumbras Ascendant, Heart of Destruction, Paw and Fur.
After that, we will put your image in our Facebook page and will be available until 04/23/2017 at 23h59 CET, who has most likes, wins! Then ask everyone for help and good luck!
Images you can use as an example:

Rift Warrior Full-Sparkion (Otherworld, Kazordoon)


Citizen Outfit-Golden Dragonfly (Glooth Factory, Oramond, Rathleton) (Store)


Deepling Full – Manta Ray (Fiehonja, Quirefang, Gray Island)


Dream Warden Full-Shock Head (Dreamcatcher Device, Roshamuul)


Festive Full-Stone Rhino (Energy Gate, Halls of Hope, Thais)


Glooth Engineer Full-Walker (Lower City, Rathleton)


Insectoid Full-Lady Bug (Hive, Gray Island)


Nightmare Full-Scorpion King (Dragon Gate, Ankrahmun)


Nobleman Full-Tin Lizzard (Factory Quarter, Yalahar)


Norseman Full-Ursagrodon (Okolnir, Svargrond)


Oriental Full-Dromedary (Óasis, Ankrahmun)


Questions that may arise:

Can I use Outfit and Store Mount?
– Yes!
Need to be in premiun account location?
– No! It can be done in local free account.
If you have a surprise nest in a world change location, will it be approved?
– Yes, as long as it is consistent with the rules!
Can prints be made on continents (such as Vandura, Zzaion, etc.)?
– Yes, as long as it is consistent with the rules
Can I copy any image from the example?
– Yes!
Can I send more than one print screen?
– Yes, but you can only win with one!
What if I don’t have a mount that fits?
– You can use only the outfit.
What if I only have the outfit without the addons?
– It will be accepted.
If you have any questions, just comment here on this topic and we will answer. And once again: good luck to all!

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