Interview with Halfhigh the Leader of Red Rose.

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Hauopa Tibians!

This month we bring a big surprise to the whole community, an interview with a veteran player from Tibia: Halfhigh, Leader of the Red Rose guild. Check out the interview that brings us many curiosities and nostalgic stories of Tibia.

Enjoy the interview!


Are you ready to answer some questions?

Thank you for the invitation. I am happy to answer all your questions. Please let me use this opportunity to give a shout out to the complete Brazilian community. Saudações cordiais.

(which hopefully means “heartfelt greetings” ^^).

One small advice in the beginning take my anecdotes with a grain of salt. It is my point of view on the events over 10 years ago and some details I remember blurry at best. 🙂

Before we start with questions related to Tibia, we would like to know a little bit more about you: Who is Halfhigh behind the computer?

I am German, originally from East Germany. I prefer not to share too many personal details in the internet. Let me say that I finished my studies over a decade ago and I am working as part of a huge team on power plant projects. I still love to play games on my computer though I have only very limited time these days.

How did you find or hear about Tibia?

I found out about Tibia at my university. We had a computer pool with internet access. I saw other students play Tibia. I remember seeing someone killing Cyclops at the small camp south of Thais. I instantly knew that I also wanted to play this game.

What was the first world you started on?

We are talking about the year 1999. I started on “Tibia” which was the only world these days and which should be named “Antica” years later.

How did you manage to keep the guild active for such a long time?

It was not an easy task and there were periods where the Red Rose struggled to survive. The secret for our guild survival is that we are focussing on the role-playing part of the game. The Red Rose had their share of trouble in the past and participated in the first Tibian wars, winning and losing. The lesson that we learned is to focus on the Antican community and to create a “sense of wonder” which is possible by roleplaying. We celebrate our anniversary every year with a big and unforgettable party. We want to show to the modern Tibia players with the anniversary party and other events that there are other ways to play Tibia than just grinding.

How was your guild the Red Rose started and when did you join?

The Red Rose was founded on the 07th December 1998 when Lostboy and Virgel decided it would be a good idea to found a guild. This was years before the start of the first official guild system. There was no guild chat and it was the old client.

The Red Rose was always a roleplaying guild, though we had skilled fighters in our ranks that were able to stand their ground. I was not part of the founding generation and joined during a time when Lightbringer and Genesis SE were still active.

I think I joined the Red Rose in the first half of 2001 as a Novice and became a fullmember in September 2001. I had a look at an old screenshot to get this date.

Was Lightbringer one of the founders?

I think Lightbringer was not one of the founders. I only remember Lostboy and Virgel as founders. Lostboy retired around 2001-2002, popping up from time to time. He was a very influential player for the Red Rose, Mercenarys and CIPsoft in general. He designed the island of Fibula, made the maps, and CIP took them into game. He designed the Red Rose guildhall (i think that was together with Virgel, not very sure), the Merc tower, the Fibula bar, the Fibula dungeon, Opa Wetterwaches tower and everything else except Octavian’s house. Also, before the house system, houses were opened with in-game keys, and Lostboy handled that for CIP – giving the keys to players.

Could you tell us more about the first leader of the Red Rose, Lightbringer?

Lightbringer studied in the same university as me. I knew him in real life though he was in a higher semester. He was a living and breathing legend during his active time already and his fame only grew in later years. He did many magnificient things, e.g. he was one of the few players to find a great shield in a dragon lord (in the short time the dragon lords dropped them). He was a demon killer in a time when noone else dared to kill demons, when there were no blessings, full equipment drop on death and when even 6 dead demons a day made CIP Guido very angy.

Lightbringer was a legendary trader, famous for having access to all rares. He was the owner of the Blessed shield, the Crown, the Great Axe, great shield(s) and basically every other rare existing back then. He was a very dedicated guild leader and respected even by his enemies. He was a skilled fighter and he was able to summon sheeps for training after using a spell scroll (or could he use great energy beam, I dont remember).

Do you have an Youtube channel?

Quite a change of topic, but yes, I have a Youtube channel.

Okay, let’s have a quick question round, before we continue with the history questions. 🙂

What is your favourite mount?

I love the Desert King, because it is such a regal creature.

What is your favourite outfit?

The female beastmaster outfit for sure. It is sexy. You also get two attack dogs as companions which sit on your shoulder while you ride on your mount. Their tongues are lolling in the wind which is absolutely adorable.

What is your favourite city in the game?

Kazordoon. The city layout is pure genius. It is mazy, but with a clear structure. It was created by Knightmare on the peak of his abilities. The later changes of ore wagons, carpet and gnome teleporter hub just made Kazordoon more perfect.

What is the most beautiful item?

In my humble opinion it is the Rose Shield.

Which monster are you afraid of?

Zulazza the Corrupter traumatized me a bit. I returned in 2010 after a brief 7-year absence and participated in the Zzaion raid. I was level 150ish and felt pretty invincible on my knight. He delt with me in one or two hits, before I could even react. I still dont dare to participate in these raids, call me superstitious. ^^

What is your favourite backpack?
My favourite backpack is the backpack of holding. Normal backpacks feel so small and heavy. ^^

Which city in the game would you like to see deleted?

Ab’Dendriel is an abomination and should be burned to the ground. This is not only my opinion as a dwarf (although: damn these tree-hugging elves *cough*). It is simply impossible to walk from point A to point B after the remodeling of Ab’Dendriel. Both Abby and Tiquanda are in dire need of a proper remodeling with a lot of defoliant.

Who is the best player in your opinion?

It was, is and always will be Pepelu. He was a very close friend of mine. He was a gamemaster, explorer of quests and secrets, rare collector, Red Rose and extra-ordinary PVP-talent. He was the second paladin to get to level 100 (after a very close race). He found the top secret sheep level. He was a role-model for a whole generation of spanish players. He was the priest in countless Tibian weddings. He had a big heart and saw the world with a kind smile.

What is your favourite fansite?

Tibiawikia is my favourite, though I also use Mr.Thomsen and guildstats a lot.

For which event in Tibia can they wake you up in the middle of the night?

Lightbearer. I carried the torch for two years through the nights. (Greetings to Nienna Telperien.)

In the Tibian history, the Red Rose Guild was recognized by the players and Cipsoft itself, and was crowned with some unique items such as the Red Rose Shield, and Rose Armor, in addition to its own Guild House, can you tell us a little bit about that time and these events?

The beginning of Tibia was a chaotic time. Tibia had a lot of bugs, e.g. duping of items was possible which was abused for a long time. The PVP-set up was merciless. It was possible to shoot runes from roofs (was fixed). It was possible to train shielding with up to 8 spiders at the same time. There was full PVP-damage (no 50% reduction). There was no protection of your equipment, you dropped everything. You lost 10% of your experience on death without reductions. There was no rune or spell delay. Depots were no protection zone. There was no limit on the number of summons you could create (and summons did not disappear on logout but turned free and run amok). You could not have the backpack and battle list open at the same time which made healing during a battle quite frantic. Aiming via battlelist was not possible, only manual aiming on the target in the main game window. Mana and health regeneration was much slower. There were no rune-selling NPCs which made manasitting for creating and selling SDs, UHs and other runes a viable playstyle.

We had level 8 war-hammer PKs with skill ~60 that could kill you very fast. We are taking about a time when level 20-30 was a medium level and level 30-40 considered high level. Powergaming for levels was frowned upon and limited by the huge respawn times and limited spawns. Tibia was much smaller, we are talking about a time when there was no Carlin, no orcland, no Kazordoon, no Venore, no Plains of Havoc. Thais dragon lair, Deeper Fibula dragon dungeon were considered end game content. The Mintwallin demons which could be reached via a shortcut through the Thais rotworm temple were considered generally unkillable by most players. CIP also monitored very closely the amount of demons killed and if a certain limit was exceeded they would increase their HP and strenght.

The approach between the organised factions (guilds) was to handle conflicts without bloodsheed and diplomatic. It was easily possible to kill down characters who misbehaved due to the harsh death penalty and the equipment loss. There were PK-hunters who dedicated their time to kill PKs. The guild “Mercenarys” specialised in bounty contracts. You could approach them and place a contract to kill a player who angered you, of course for an expensive price. The general atmosphere was relaxed and hunting was considered much less important than nowadays. Conflicts were existing, but usually ended with a second chance for the weaker party (because next time the other party could be possibly much more powerful).

There was no safe-trading and no market which made the trustworthiness and reputation of a player much more important. People tried to find a trustworthy trading partner.

The Red Rose was just one of many existing guilds, but many factors added up to create something special. Our founders were map designers, not CIPsoft, not paid, simply volunteers for creating new areas and quests. (There were no “quest chests” as we have nowadays.) We had gamemasters in the Red Rose. We had very respected and well-know traders (Lightbringer) who were also famous for their skills in PVP battle, their rares and non-vocation spells (permanently activated by spellscrolls).

What made the Red Rose attractive for new applicants was our members’ reputation, our serious recruitment process and of course our fabled guildhall and the guild rares (rose shield and rose armor). We had (and have) regular guildmeetings in our guildhall to discuss the guildlife, interview applicants and socially interact with each other.

I can tell you the story of the guild items as far as I remember it. The history of the rose shields starts not long after Guido joined the CIPsoft team, the Gods decided to bless the oldest guilds of Tibia. Red Rose together with only other two guilds (the Mercenarys and a long vanished guild) were offered to design their own armor pieces.

The Roses Genesis SE (nowadays known as Tharanis) and our leader back then, Lightbringer, designed the two rose masterpieces. Especially in the shield, Genesis SE made the Rose for the inside of the shield, and Lightbringer created the background and border contour. The Gods then created these beautiful shields and armors for the Red Rose. Lightbringer had to ask the Gods each time, and a God would appear to him and create one shield or armor. The total number of shields created is a mystery, since the file keeping the shield/owner was lost long ago. It’s known that at least shields for Lightbringer, Genesis SE, Octavian, Firehawk, Beowulf, Virgel, Silvarion and Eickman were created.

The Red Rose was the only guild to unlock (buy) both items as far as I remember. There were no platinum or crystal coins during these days and the price (100bps gold coins) was paid to CIP at the Thais harbour. CIP threw the backpacks into the water one by one. 100k was considered an extraordinary amount of money with a backpack UH (20) being priced at 4k gold and a firesword/dragon shield at 6k gold.

About one year later, the Gods proceeded to implement these magnificent pieces into the new quests. The Rose shields lost their original “RR” mark, but did not become a quest reward. The Rose armor became the actual Noble armor (a level 35 quest). The shields for the Mercenarys and Kaerell were turned into the Griffin and Ancient shields respectively. I still wonder why the Rose shield did not turn into a quest reward, but I assume there was some backchannel dealing, because we were already unhappy to lose one of the two items.

What is the biggest difference between old Tibia and todays Tibia?

I mentioned earlier that the PVP setup and the harsh penalties had a big impact on the self-organisation of the player community. CIPsoft was much more approachable and even participated in several real life meetings, rewarding the organisation teams with rares. There were gamemasters to ban the biggest morons and worst PKs with much more leeway than in later days with multi-worlds. I think the biggest difference was that we were all charlovers. Noone wanted to be perma-banned. Everyone cared what happened to their character.

There were PKs, but even they cared much more, because of the harsh death penalty and possible perma-banishment.

Good behaviour and positive social interaction was rewarded by the game core mechanics in these days which in my opinion is the biggest difference to today. Today deaths dont matter, CIP stays out of their own game, CIP encourages power abuse by their complete absence and the absence of any gamemasters. I am horrified about the pay-to-win and monetization approach which CIPsoft is implementing more and more (exp bonus, dummy training, TC shop etc etc). Most game mechanics today enable power abuse and bad behaviour within the community.

I sincerely wish that CIPsoft would strictly forbid “dominando” behaviour (one guild rules a server  and kills everyone else).

What can you tell us about roleplaying in the old days of Tibia?

Roleplaying existed, because the leveling opportunities where limited. There was no right way to play Tibia and many players just wanted social interaction. Tibia was started during a time when many players were active tabletop roleplayers, so creating a background story for your character was completely normal. We built big fortresses out of parcels. We built zoos with a lot of parcels and summoned animals. We had manasitters who were professional rune sellers, just waiting for mana all day. They used their time chatting with other players and advertising their service via the broadcast spell.

We had a player who quitted by throwing his equipment into a sea and killing himself. The whole lake was official named after him.

We played soccer games where we used dead bears as football.

We had players who organised a tavern and sold drinks to thirsty adventurers.

Oh nice history, i can put an question…about it… like… Tell us, some history that you will never forget.

I will never forget the intensity of PVP in Tibia. Halfhigh is a knight and it was a huge struggle to get to maglevel 4 in the past, because of much lower mana regeneration. Maglevel 4 was a huge step for knights, because it enabled the use of ultimate healing runes (UHs) which were the primary healing method for knight. There was no percentage progress bar on your skills or maglevel and advancing in a skill and maglevel was a sudden, very happy occurence. I remember getting maglevel 4 for several times, which made me extremely happy, but every single time I got myself killed in PK traps afterwards which resulted in dropping back to maglevel 3, 10% of my total exp gone and my complete equipment gone (no drop protection like by blessings). Frankly speaking it was frustrating.

I will never forget the intensity of these fights. Every single death was meaninful due to impact. It was also much harder to fight, because you had to change between backpack and the attack list which made fighting really complicated. You had to manually aim runes including healing runes on the player, not on the battle list. This manual aiming was an art that had to be perfected with very shaky hands. ^^

I have only recently found a game (after all these years), which can compare with Tibia’s PVP adrenaline rush: PUBG.

Some members of Red Rose were famous for solving quests, finding hidden places and obtaining rares items. Do you think that all mysteries are solved? (e.g. What about quests like ‘Sword of Fury’ on rookgaard or ‘Serpentine Tower’ in Ankhramun and finally the ‘Warlord Sword’ in Ab’Dendriel. Are these unsolved quests, incomplete quests or simply legends?

Tibia is so big that we can safely assume that we have not solved all mysteries.

I think there are more unsolved quests for which we did not find out the right way to complete them yet. I think that there are also incomplete quests in Tibia which are partially completed but remain unsolvable for now (until a final “activating” update by CIP). The music box quest (+Chayennes Key) is a good example for an incomplete quest.

There are crazy mechanics possible in Tibia like NPCs handing out required quest items or invisible switches that trigger events or open new areas, but it is hard to find these things out, because the game is so big and the quest hints are simply non-existant.

Talking about secret places… The Secret Sheep Level was a location in Tibia which used to contain several Sheep and a Black Sheep. This hidden cave was designed and mapped by Knightmare. The Secret Sheep Level was discovered by Pepelu. What do you say about discovering hidden things in Tibia? Do you still look for those things?

Here is my list of recommendations for discovering new things in Tibia.

You can still discover secrets after hunting in the same area for a long time.

Try to find areas with floor reset (some hours), daily floor reset and no floor reset. These may point to secrets.

NPCs are useless, books are useless. The only exception are OLD NPCs. Create a keyword list and copy NPC answer back to them. If they react on their answers, remove the newly found keyword from their answer and ask again.

Use “exani hur up/down” everywhere and in all directions.

Always carry a pick with you and use it.

Try using parcels and diagonal walking to access areas where you dont find access.

Rightclick everything.

Watch the minimap for changes.

Always search with a good and trustworthy friend.

I dont search for secrets anymore, because searching for secrets is a very time consuming task. If you really intend to search for secrets, you will have to invest dozens to hundreds of hours with minimal chance of payback.

Out of all the stories you have about your guild, could you tell us one that you will never forget?

The best opportunity to hear secrets and stories are real life meetings. I remember the RL-meeting in Nuremberg where the Red Rose had a RL-guild meeting. These RL-guild meetings became a tradition that we still continue until today. One of the stories Lightbringer told me in the middle of the night at a campfire, while Taghor was playing guitar, was that he was a god killer. He proved possible what was believed to be impossible and also that the consequences of killing a god are dire. After he killed a god, the world ended instantly.

In the old days the gods were walking the land. Infrequently, but still often enough that some of their traits became known throughout the community. Guido was the god who most often interacted with the community. He was known for a hot temper and his vengeful behaviour. I also had some interactions with him which ended fatal for me.

I don’t remember the reason, but Lightbringer and Genesis SE had a reason to set a trap to Guido. Perhaps Guido tried to kill them, perhaps he had increased the demon difficulty once too often, I have to admit that I forgot the exact reason why they wanted to kill him. Obviously a god does not die by mere mortals or monsters, so they had to develop a devious plan and execute it perfectly. One interesting fact that made their endeavour possible was that a god always appeared at the same location where he left the mortal realm before.

Mintwallin, the Minotaur underground kingdom, was one of the most competed areas in the old days. The Minotaur kingdom is only accessible by finding your way through a maze. There is a shortcut on the way back to bypass a major part of the maze. The shortcut leads through an area with two beholders which you access by jumping down a hole with a missing rope spot. Guido had vanished from the mortal realm in this shortcut area. Lightbringer and Genesis SE used that knowledge to lay their trap there. They summoned a huge army of dragons, for which I have to explain that then you could summon an unlimited amount of monsters (the limit was the available mana which was limited by your gold reserves), dragons were a summonable monster (until Bär summoned 20 dragons in Thais and let them free) and the monsters did not disappear when the summoner logged out, but they started to behave like normal monsters. Genesis SE logged out and the dragons turned insane. When Guido returned to the mortal realm, the monsters were able to overcome the defenses of the unprepared god and killed him. In the same instant when the god was killed, the world ended with a server crash.

Always remember that a high price is paid for killing a god.

What was the most significant change you’ve noticed over the years in regards to members, the interactions between them, in the sense of finding loyalty and friendlier people. If you has noticed that this has changed in some way, and how it can impact on maintaining peace within a guild?

This is a really good question. The Red Rose guild will celebrate its 20 anniversary this year. If there is one constant within all these years, it is the change. We would not have survived, if we did not adapt to the development of the game and the community.

Let me start again at the beginning. There was no guild system, but if you bring together some Germans, they will instantly start to organise. The first guilds were started very soon after the start of Tibia. Tibia was a student project, so CIP involved the community to create items and maps. The Red Rose was in a lucky position, because Lostboy was a map creator and was allowed to create Fibula island with the Red Rose guildhall and the Mercenary Tower, Opa Wetterwachs house and the Fibula rotworm, beholder, orc dungeon and Giant Spider island and the Deeper Fibula minotaur and dragon dungeon.

A habit of organised Germans is to set up regular (guild) meetings. We were a purely German speaking guild at that time, simply because the community was much smaller.

A big development step was allowing Non-German speaking Novices, because some of our original Roses were famous for their bad English. It was done and prooved to be a cornerstone for our long-term survival. We have since then welcomed Tibians from all over the world into the Red Rose.

Further developments were more or less forced upon us by the changing game and community. For example: The introduction of the AOL (Amulet of Life, not Amulet of Loss) which removed any loss of experience, created a very hostile environment in the community, because the threat of getting “rooked” was gone. Some bad apples in the community got together and forced one guild into a war. All the law-abiding guilds had set up a non-aggression and friendship treaty system which resulted in the first true Tibian “world war” between the Alliance (“us”) and the Last Action Heros (the “bad apples”).

This war had implications that we still feel nowadays. I will describe the consequences for the Red Rose. We suffered a lot of deaths during the 6 months (I shit you not) of war. Our battle-team, me included, left the Red Rose to join the Alliance, but our opponents did not show mercy to the remaining members who were low level. The Alliance lost battles for half a year, because we were roleplayers. We had some talented PVP-players in our ranks, but planning and executing battle plans was not in our skillset.

This was a war forced upon us and once in it, there was no way out than the hard one. We slowly adapted and managed to win simply by our numbers. We were able to keep our opponents in PZ and were able to hunt to gain money which was impossible for our opponents due to their lower numbers and their internal strife. We started to win battles, our coordination got better and we were bleeding them out financially. The victory was grim and we were not forgiving with our enemies after the war which resulted in the next one.

The second Tibian world war was “Alliance” versus “Darkside”. It is fair to make a comparison that Alliance vs. LAH was like WW1 and Alliance vs. Darkside was like WW2. There was no conclusive winner that time, though the Alliance was considered the victor (Darkside had to pay out). The use of auto-aiming tools, macro-SD-attacks and bot-leveling of characters by darkside made the war hard to win. They unlocked Pandoras box, opened the lid wide and never looked back.

The Alliance vs. Darkside war resulted in a clear divide in the community. There was the shrinking RPG-side and the botters, auto-aimers and cheaters on the other side. If the second war layed the foundation to the destruction of the old community, the third one finally washed it all away. We lost without a single chance, whatever we did, it didnt matter.

The Red Rose had to pay out of the war. We had to kick some very loyal members, who were very good RL-friends of mine. We had not reached our lowest point yet, because the time after the war nearly broke us. Many Roses left the guild, leaders turned inactive (me too) and only by recruiting some fresh and highly motivated members, the old Red Rose was able to flourish once again.

We turned our back on fighting after these wars forever.

We had a lot of members come and go in the year, but since we are keeping track of the former members and their reason to leave we have a good idea what is a major reason for Roses to leave the guild. The hardest time for any Rose is their Noviceship. We have a high attrition rate during this period, which makes me a bit unhappy, because we are trying to involve the Novices in RPG-activites. It seems that many dont have the patience to endure role-playing. If full members leave it is usually due to personal conflicts between members.

We worked a lot on improving the guild-internal communication to involve all members in the decision process and hear all opinions. We had very headstrong leaders in the past, but they failed, because the rest of the guild was ready for mutiny. Today our leaders closely coordinate within the Red Rose council, then with the fullmembers and the Novices. Everyone can speak freely and respectful to adress areas of improvement and request necessary changes. We have embraced the necessity to change continously over the years, but we respect and uphold our traditions.

You have an vídeo of The Red Rose 19th Anniversary party (Antica), and at the end you show some rares, like Golden Helmet, Winged Helmet, and other items that new playes only can dream about. Can you tell us more about your rares, and wich one is your favorite item on tibia?

There is a interesting difference between the old days and now. Only very few players talked about their rares and riches in the past, because it was possible to lose them, if you used them and someone killed you. There were no blessings, so it was advisable to be tight-lipped.

We were using these rares during our hunts and the majority of rare-users was trying to hide the fact that we were using them to reduce the possibility of surprise attacks and traps. There were some druids and sorcerers, less than a handful, that were using winged helmets. Knights were using SOVs, E-Plates and Golden helmets. The Sword of Valour was the most sought for item, because every knight was striving to get one. There was only a handful of them in the beginning as rewards for major server-reset or one-time quests. The SOV was one of the most duped items. CIPsoft gave us the information on the total amount (160ish) at the Vienna convention during one of the games.

My target as a knight always was to get my hands on these practical rares which were a huge boost in the endgame strenght for knights. I remember that only my profitable hunts together with Pepelu made it possible for me to buy a “rare-set”. I was very happy and always used them until the big Tibian wars where the risk of getting red-skulled was too high. I only used them during our alliance hunts where I blocked monsters and finally after the wars again.

My first major rare was a golden helmet and later on an original “DL-drop” great shield from Lightbringer when he left the game and sold his rares. I expanded my collection step by step, sometimes previously lootable items just turned into rares (broken amulet, yellow rose). Some times I made the effort to be the first in a certain area, e.g. on Amera where I was able to grab the Grey Tome in Mintwallin close to the Throne room (spoilter: no longer spawns there on new servers). I won one of my shields of honour during a RL-meeting and a god sent it to me personally.

Nowadays I am rarely adding an item to my collection. There are several reasons for it. I am not a really active player anymore, there is only a limited amount of missing rares on my list and also the prices are simply to high for me.

My favourite item in Tibia is the Rose Shield. The Rose Shield has a timeless beauty that simply can not be matched by any other item. Its rarity and its deep connection to my guild only increases its emotional value to me. I am very thankful that CIPsoft decided to leave the Rose Shield as one of Tibias true legends by not introducing it as loot or quest reward. It demonstrates what impact a small decision by CIP can have within the community.

There are some rumors that you got the Warlock Sword. Are these rumors correct?

No. 🙂

Do you have a final message for the people reading this interview?

Yes, I have a message. Please indulge me.

You, the players, have an impact on the game and its development. You are a part of the Tibian community and your behaviour impacts everyone else. I plead you, be interested in the old stories, learn from them, try to live your own story and involve yourself in the community. Leveling alone has no virtue, because it leaves only muscle memory and carries no emotional impact. The true stories of Tibia unfold while you are chatting in a house, while you are negotiating a trade, while you search for a new hunting partner and find a new friend. The memories happen when the music stops.

I encourage you to come to Antica and to particpate in this strange, chaotic world. Involve yourself in the community. Antica is a bit of old Tibia, not dominated by a single faction though we have admittedly lost our balance between good and evil and are part of the modern day Tibian family.

My advice to you is, play the “hard mode”. Don’t cheat, don’t scam, don’t be a dick, don’t trap or red/blackskull other players. Never give anyone access to your house, it is inviting theft. Good behaviour is harder in the short term, but you will have a more rewarding experience in the long term. Don’t be scared to talk to people. Question yourself, why are you wasting precious time in a game, if you disrespect the basic premise of a MMORPG – roleplaying.

I would like to repeat again that Tibia is built on player interaction. If you destroy such interaction by dominating servers and leaving no competition for you, you will kill Tibia in the longterm. Just have a look at the continuous downward trend of the average playernumbers which is caused by such world dominando. I understand that some are depending economically on world dominating (and Tibia) as a source of RL-income, but please consider that this strategy is not sustainable, if there is noone left playing the game. CIP will not help the community, they made that clear. It can be only a community effort to improve our community standards.

Finally and to end on a positive note, I would like to inform you that the Red Rose is always looking for new members. Do not be scared by the legend, instead try to become a part of it. We are an ancient guild of Good, followers of Banor. We are peaceloving and try to uphold law and noble virtues, but like the rose we have sharp thorns, too! We are cool, average nerds.

We are an international guild and our internal chat is in English. We have a simple, but thorough recruitment process. Just visit our homepage (, register and write an application. Chat with us ingame, if we are busy, we will tell you so politely.

Make Tibia and the world a better place!


Hunting in the 8 demon room with Lightbringer


I was using Lightbringers blessed shield for blocking more efficiently.


CIP Guido killed Halfhigh in Cyclopolis Behemoths

There is a story behind this screenshot. It was during my hunts with Pepelu at the Behemoths. Guido got angry, because we were killing behemoths which were one of the strongest monsters A LOT, because we tried to get Pepelu to level 100.

He thought it would be impossible to kill the Behemoths without cheating, but we had a special system to kill them. The behemoths (and also every other monster) were not changing target during that time. It was a simple method. I was luring the Behemoths. Pepelu was standing in the same spot all the time and a druid too. I was pushing myself diagonally and the Behemoth was just running around without hitting me (only the stones).

Shortly after the kill from Guido the monsters started to change targets.


(or at least that is how I remember it) ^^

Red Rose members at the Hellgate treasure room (old client)


The old rose shield (with the little RR marks on it which were removed)


Halfhigh the rotworm tamer (Kazordoon)


Another picture from the Kazordoon rotworm tamer


The entrance to the top secret sheep level


What was considered “fast leveling” in the old days on Amera, old skill layout without percentages


I reject any rumours about the warlord sword. ^^


I repeat rejecting ANY rumours – EMPHATICALLY.


Err… what is this doing in my house? Ermulov Sun, what the hell?


CIP Guido impatient


Playing soccer in the old times (dead bear = football)


Stormhawks wedding (party outside PZ because people usually respected events)


Thieving in Ab’dendriels foodshop… (OMG is this HALFHIGH…?)


Everyone could use the BC-spell (broadcast), Trymon is also a Red Rose member and was a gamemaster



This is what the modern Red Rose guildhall looks like (and a Red Rose guildmeeting)


Standing around in the Outlaw Camp dungeon, we nearly made it trough the rubble ^^


Old client demona with the super-invisible warlocks – runes on the floor to not switch between backpack and battlelist

Tv Epaminondas


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