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This year, Tibia Portal interviewed a programmer from CipSoft, Dadeagus Tyrixa!
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Portal Tibia: Hauopa! The Tibia Portal team welcomes the possibility of this interview. We know that programmers are responsible for building the game, taking ideas from the role and implementing them, and therefore do not effectively participate in the community, becoming a little less known … You could share with us who is Dadeagus Tyrixa ? Informations like: your name, age, hobbies and, who knows, your interests outside of Tibia?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: Name: Not pronounceable in this plane of existence 😉
Age: Old enough to start my gaming history with a Commodore 64
Hobbies: Gaming, Archery, Tai Ji Quan, Photography and many more
Portal Tibia: How did you get started working on CipSoft?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: I always loved computer games and as a software developer I always had the dream of working in a gaming company. So when I learned that there is one in my beloved home town I took the chance and sent a job application. And here I am…
Portal Tibia: What is it like to work in this area? What are the pleasures and difficulties you have experienced?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: It’s nice to work on something that people love and spend so much time with. But sometimes it can be frustrating to see how fast mistakes in game logic or bugs in the software are abused for personal gain. The result is often that a nice feature has to be turned off or changed because of a handful of unfair players.
Portal Tibia: We know that nowadays you are Programmer, many times the worlds are reset and are corrected. What kind of serious bug can happen so resets are really needed?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: Tibia is a very complex system with a lot of game rules. Many of them have to be done on the daily sever restart. When a serious bug happens in between these restarts it’s difficult to say if e.g. somebody lost items, gold or Tibia Coins. So to keep it fair for everybody we have to reset to the last state when we know that everything was still correct. However, a reset is nothing we do lightheartedly. It is an inconvenience for players and extra work for us. So we always try to prevent it if possible.
Portal Tibia: In the official forum, you receive suggestions daily to be implemented. Why is there a delay in returning? What does it take for any promising ideas to be implemented?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: There is an old proverb saying: “The best way to unhappiness is to try to please everybody”. With so many players it’s very difficult to say how many of them will really like a certain feature or change in the game. In the forum you can only read from players what they are keen on communicating. However, there are thousands of Tibians who play on a day to day basis and who don’t post in the forums. So if you read a proposal in the forum, it does not necessarily mean that really everybody would like it. Additionally, we also have to weigh every suggestion against all other things that have to be done. Sometimes proposals even contradict each other. It needs to be taken into consideration in which direction the development of Tibia is headed. And then, there is also the question about priorities. Do we implement a convenience feature for the Tibia client or do we spend time on fixing a bug, for example. Those are all example reasons that need to be considered when it comes to proposals. In order for a promising idea to have a chance to be implemented, it needs to fit the current situation of Tibia, and it needs to be presented clear and to the point. It needs to be well thought through, and fit the needs and wishes of many players. There is never a promise, though, that a proposal will be implemented. That is always a decision of the product management of Tibia.
Portal Tibia: How much time for testing do you need to improve ideas, given that Updates always come with new features? How hard is it to implement something in the game?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: Implementing new features in Tibia is not as straightforward as many would think. We discuss a lot about new ideas and sometimes have to go back to the planning phase even if development already begun because we found possible problems that we didn’t think of first. And even when development is finished our Testing department is very skilled in finding things that were missed. So the whole feature goes around like a game of Ping-Pong before we think it’s good enough for public eyes. And even then the players still find the occasional bugs. You help us a lot by sending bug reports with detailed descriptions how it occurred.
Portal Tibia: Many old quests, such as “Postman”, have been dropped and only older players tend to do them … Is there any project to reinvent them so they will not be forgotten? There are also projects for expansion of classic respawns, such as “Demona”, for example?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: I am afraid I can’t say much about that. As a part of the programming team I mostly only know about projects that are already in progress.
Portal Tibia: We can see that you are working hard to control the famous lag. How does Optimise Connection Stability work?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: The same answer here as above, I’m afraid. All details that we wanted to communicate at this point about this have been published. If there should ever be anything further to publish about this, the community management department will do so.
Portal Tibia: At the moment, do you have projects that are not related to Tibia?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: I am a full time member of the Tibia development team. But our company offers a lot of possibilities to interact with other teams. We have internal presentations, knowledge transfers, brainstormings or even play tests.
Portal Tibia: Let’s do a quick question game: A vocation?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: Paladin (because it was my first vocation when I started to play Tibia)
Portal Tibia: A quest?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: Killing in the name of… (I really wanted to sell these creature products)
Portal Tibia: A magic?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: Summon creature
Portal Tibia: A creature?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: Carniphilas (how I hated these things when I tried to collect my first Paw and Fur Points on the way to Banuta)
Portal Tibia: A city?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: Thais (because it is the spot we mostly hang around when testing stuff)
Portal Tibia: A phrase that sums up your thinking about the game?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: 20 years and still challenging
Portal Tibia: For the last: what does Dadeagus Tyrixa expect for the future of Tibia?
Dadeagus Tyrixa: Tibia is all about our faithful players and the community. I hope CipSoft continues to do a good job of keeping it fun and challenging for you guys so that we can celebrate a lot more anniversaries together.
Portal Tibia: Thank you very much for participating and for sharing with us a little about yourself and the Tibian world!

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